Sir Matt Busby

Matt Busby Alongside Sir Alex Ferguson, who later also managed Manchester United, Sir Matt is widely regarded as being 'one of the greatest football player managers of all time.'

This is not a bad ascension for the son of a miner, born in a two roomed pitman's cottage in the mining village of Orbiston. The doctor who delivered him on the 26th May 1909 must have had a nice sideline in prophecy as he announced to Sir Matt's mother: "A footballer has come into this house today".

Initially following his father into the pits, Sir Matt also played part time with for the Stirlingshire side Denny Hibs before being spotted and signed up for Manchester City for £5 per week in 1928 (£283 in today's money) where he remained for 200 appearances for City before being sold to Liverpool in 1936 for £8,000 (£512,775 today). 

Busby carried on playing football during the Second World War, when he served as a football coach in the Army Physical Training Corps, making three appearances for Chelsea but also turning out for Middlesbrough, Reading, Brentford, Bournemouth, Boscombe Athletic and Hibernian.

On the 1st October 1945, Sir Matt took over the manager's role at Manchester United, which he occupied until 1971. He led the club to five League Championships and two FA Cup titles along the way, culminating in a European Cup victory against Benfica in 1968. Success was achieved despite a tragic air crash in 1958 at Munich Airport which killed several members  of his league-winning team and almost claimed his own life. Despite this tragedy, he subsequently went on to rebuild Manchester United to become the best team in Europe.

Not bad for a football crazy Bellshill boy, which is why the sports centre and swimming pool in the town is rightly named in his honour.